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Reliability Contest, Ballarat 1914

October 19, 2015

I recently found a search engine that gives articles from the Australian papers of the past 100+ years. Give it a try here: So of course I typed in “Veloce Motorcycle” and was pleased to find several hits including the nice article that I’ve copied and posted below.


An interesting point is that there were THREE Veloce motorcycles competing in this one event in 1914. Possibly my bike and the Harrison Veloce were two of those three? This article is from the 13 June 1914 Edition of The Weekly Times



On King’s’ Birthday, the Victorian MotorCycle Club conducted its reliability contest between Melbourne and Ballarat. Forty out of 45 entrants made the early morning start0n the long, cold journey. Eight cycles with side-cars competed in a separate class,most of them bearing a woman passenger,closely muffled in furs. The first to leave was Mr E. Huut, with side-car and passenger, on a 3 1/2hp Rover; Mr G. Truman following ou a 3 1/2 h.p, Triumph. There was little delay in starting, but the last competitors were-not away until nearly 8.4o. Out of the 45 entries, 40 started at intervals of one minute. J. K. Gurwen-Walker, winner of many competitions., competed in the sidecar class with a 7 h.p. Indian. He was the winner of the club’s 100-mile race run on ,April 27, in the fastest time on record. Following a minute later was L. Fallon, on the ,smallest cycle in the event—a 2 1/4 h.p. Levis.* At Anthony’s cutting, nearly 30 miles from Melbourne, an observer was stationed for thereturn journey, and points were deducted  from competitors for failing to climb the- hill or for pedalling up. No dismounting to cool the engine or to lower the gear was allowed.Competitors had to climb the hill without pause.


About three miles on the Ballarat side of Bacchus Marsh J. Gunst (3 1/2 Triumph) left the road and crashed into a fence. Gunst was thrown heavily on his head. Ho sustained a deep cut over the eye. His riding companion (P. Allardyce) stopped, and rendered assistance, and in a few minutes a side  car machine, ridden by G. A. Ambrose appeared. Ambrose stopped, and seeing that Gunst was badly hurt, placed him in his side-car, and sped back with him to Bacchus Marsh. There he was attended to by DrRyan and a St. -John ambulance telephoned for. In two and a half hours after the fall Gunst was receiving attendance at the Melbourne Hospital.


The event was, of course, a reliability contest, and not a race. Side-car machines hadto maintain an average speed of 15 miles an hour, machines up to 5 h.p. 20 miles an hour,and machines over that power had to maintain an average throughout of 22 miles an hour. Most of the riders arrived at Ballarat on time, where the control was in charge of members of the Ballarat Motor-cycle; Club.After a good lunch the riders set out again for Melbourne.


Following table shows the position of the riders on arrival at the last control—the Lincolnshire Arms Hotel. Essendon:—


Trueman 3 1/2 Triumph), on time.

Bavley (6 J.A.P.), on time.

S. Jenkins (6 J.A.P.), on time.

H Atkinson (7 Indian), 12 min. early.

K. Walker (7 Tndian), on time.K. Tvler (7 Indian), on time.

F. Mavman (3 1/2 Triumph), on time.J. Mavman (3 1/2 Triumph), on time.

H Shaw (3 1/2 Triumph), 1 min. late..

C. Kelynack (3 1/2 Triumph), 1 min. late.J. Gunti (2 1/2 Sunbeam), on time.

C. Trcgea. (3 1/2 Triumph), on time.S Clinton (3 1/2 Rover), on time.

11. Morgan (4 1/2 Precision), on time.

W. Luxford (3 1/2 Precision), 7 min. late.F. Clinton (3 1/2 Precision), 7min. late.

Shacklock (3 1/2 Rudge), on time.

W S. VMnov (3 1/2 N.S.U.), on time. ,A." Monkhowse (2 1/2 Singer), on time.r. Thoren (3 1/2 Ariel), 4 min. oarly.

H. Haquic (3 1/2 Veloce), on time.

Pouulas, (3 1/2 Veloce), 33 min. late.

H. Ernst (3 1/2 Singer), on time.

K George (7 Indian), on time.S. Gahan (7 Indian), on time.

R. Malcolm (7 Pope), on time.J. Butson (7 Pope), on time.

J. M’Quade (7 Pope), on time..1. Booth (7 Indian), on time.

if. Jenkins (7 Indian), on time.

Following is the list of competitors and machines:—Side-car competitors. E. lluu ,3U-h.p. Rover: G. Truman, 3^.-h.p. Triumph;0." Ambrose, 3V>-li.p. Triumph; J. Rogers, 5h.p. Rudge; J. S. Bayley. 6-h.p. Bradbury; b.Jenkins. 6-h.p. Jr.A.P.; H. O. Atkinson 7h.p. Indian; J K. Curwen. Walker, 7-h.p.Indian. Ordinary.—L. Fallon, 2V*-h.p. Levis,E. Tyler, 3Vs-h.p. Indian; K. Mayman, „V2-b.p.Triumph; J. Mayman, 3U-h.p. Triumph; H.R. Shaw. 3^-h.p. Triumph; J. Kelynack, 3^h.p. Triumph; J. Gunst, 3’^-h.p. Triumph,T>. Aliardlce, r,^.-h.p. Triumph; J. Gunn, o^li.p. B.S.A.; C. Tregea, 3%-h.p. B.b.A.; u.Parson? 3Mi-h.p. Rover; F. Clinton, S^-h-PRover; H. Morgan, 4’4-h.p. Precision; W.Luxford, ?,V’-h.p. Precision; S. Clinton,h.p Precision; H. Shscklock, S^-h.p- Rudge,W. S. Edney, 3&-h.p. N.S.U.; A. Monkhouso,H’s-h.o. Singer; N. Ferguson, 3M>-h.p. Ariel;E." Thoren. 3^-h.p. Ariel; V\ Foley, 3 1/2-h.p. Veloce– H. C. Baquie, 3%-h.p. Ariel; P. UPriestiev, 6-h.p. Ideal; R. Douglas, S-h. p.J.A.P.; K. Georgo. 7-h.p. Indian; &. Gahan,7-h.p. Indian; R. Malcolm. 7-h.p. Pope; b. D.Rulson, 7-h.p. Pope; I. M’Quade, 7-h.p. Pope.

Others who started were Ernst, Booth, and Jenkins.

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  1. October 19, 2015 9:30 am

    Love that cities are starting to digitize their libraries…

  2. Anonymous permalink
    October 19, 2015 1:51 pm

    Try typing in Stanley Woods visit and you’ll get a lot of articles about his 1936 visit, including an interview with Mildred.

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