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2011 Alturas / Modoc Tour. 100 year old cars and bikes

July 10, 2011

A couple of weeks ago the family went up for the 24th annual Modoc tour in Alturas.  It is always one of my favorites of the year, with early one and two cylinder cars, plus steam cars and pre WWI motorcycles.  We ride on quiet roads, reasonable mileages each day, and fresh pies with almost every meal.  Next year they are planning for a big turnout for the 25th anniversary.  Let me know if you want an invitation, everybody is welcome.


Father and son in period clothing, with their all-original White 30hp steamer.  Purchased from the Harrah’s auction years ago, the auction lot number is still on the front fender, written in grease pencil.



Old Timer



Downtown Cedarville.  The cowboys and cowgirls check out the bikes.  Left to right:  1914 Excelsior two speed, 15 HD 3 speed, 14 X two speed, 14 HD one speed, 14 Thor two speed.  All are American two cylinders.DSC09889


In Fort Bidwell.  FOUR  WHITE STEAMERS lined up.  All are circa 1904-1910, drive well, and look beautiful.  Loaded with mechanical doodads, valves, tubes, burners and a million things to keep an engineer excited.  At the right is a two cylinder Buick and an International highwheeler.



Parked in front of the old hall in Ft. Bidwell.  Just before we ate big chickens and 14 types of home-made pies!



These guys have been around the block once or twice. There is a story about the neckerchiefs, maybe next time…



20hp White steamer in front of the Likely Saloon & JailDSC09933


Do you like patina?  How about ~150 year old paint?  If you look closely under the driver’s seat, the old logo for the Oroville and Quincy stage can be seen, as well as a lot of old pinstripes and USM with drop shadows (US Mail).  This thing is big.  Rear wheels are 5 feet tall, roof is about 9 or 10 feet above grade.



old BuickDSC09932


Big cast iron pistons, for a Pierce Arrow I think.DSC09998


Grey-hairs and No-hairs, riding together.DSC09882


at the Modoc wildlife preserveDSC09870


The Calderwood family plot in the Fort Bidwell cemetery


stay tuned for more pics in a couple of days.  I’m behind schedule as there are too many rides in the summertime and too few hours to set up articles on the computer.

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  1. July 13, 2011 8:01 am

    Looks fantastic Pete! Thanks for providing me a smile and allowing for vicarious living. -JZ

  2. permalink
    April 4, 2013 11:39 am

    Please email information on the 2013 small and large car Modoc tours. We have a selection of 100 year old cars and Motorcycles and would like to play. I do not know how to use face book but email is great. I hope this is an ok way to get this info , as I can not find it on the web.

    Thanks, Alan Travis.

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