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1911 Pope, 1920 Henderson for sale

December 15, 2014

Update 5/12/2015: The Henderson has been sold to an OcchioLungo reader.

I’m not generally in favor of advertising, so this second consecutive post of bikes for sale may surprise regular readers. But a comment often uttered by people that want to ride early machines is that they don’t know where to find suitable bikes. They often sell via word of mouth, and that means you have to know who to talk to!


As one of my longstanding goals of OcchioLungo is to get more people onto old bikes, I’m glad to post a notice when suitable ones come up for sale. The retail dealers and auction houses already have plenty of opportunities to bend your ear, but this is just an old friend who needs to sell one bike in order to buy something else…

Dirk wears white sox

Dirk has had this 1911 Pope for decades.  The first pic is him riding the machine in Ireland back in 1991. He rode it up Molls Gap, but the coaster brake was scary on the way down.  The bike was found in Argentina in the 1980s when he was a purser, and he carried it home to Germany as crew baggage on a Lufthansa B747!10859848_10154867391955212_432548914_n10818756_10154840469935212_1215911932_n


There is a video here. These early Pope singles are pretty neat, and similar to the Yales and other bikes of that era. Automatic inlet valves and direct drive to the rear wheel keep the number of moving parts to a minimum. He has fitted a lever that can be used to slacken the belt and give the effect of a clutch for low speed starts away from traffic. The bike also comes with an acetylene tank, 1912 license plate and a neat early combination padlock.


You can reach Dirk via email: 49pepper AT (replace the AT with an @)


He also has a 1920 Henderson for sale. Purchased 30 years ago in Santa Cruz, he has started to restore it and rebuilt the crank, camshaft, rods, main bearings, etc. There are brand new gears, including reverse, plus new pistons, etc. Ready for reassembly and fettling.






OK, there you go. No auction fees or middlemen, deal directly with the seller and let’s see these bikes on the road in 2015.

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  1. Jim Abbott, Tucson, AZ permalink
    December 15, 2014 1:33 pm

    Pete: Tell Dirk, “Very neat work on the Henderson”! Wish I could buy it for myself. Jim a.

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