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2014 Irish National Rally, part 2

September 12, 2014


If you’re ever in Glengarif, stop by the Blue Loo. You’ll figure out how it got the name…

2014-08-26 14.43.01

Dave’s JAP Trump and Chris’s Zenith both attracted some attention.


This was not the worst road we travelled on.

  2014-08-23 14.41.20

Local color


A few days before the rally started we rode out to Allihies on the Beara Penninsula.  This isn’t quite the westernmost point in Ireland, but it is close. The pub has a great view of the North Atlantic, but of course I snapped pics of the bikes, not the view!

 2014-08-27 12.39.48

More pics of John Quirke’s beautiful 1912 Sun Precision. He restored it from a very rough pile of parts that had been used to power a saw in a woodshop.

 2014-08-27 12.39.38

 2014-08-27 12.39.56

The rider’s view includes a route sheet holder, Bonnikson speedo, clock, hand operated oil pump, timing lever on the left side of the tank, shifter for the 3 speed Sturmey Archer rear hub and the right foot pedal controls the hub clutch.


This is what the bike looked like when John found it!


Another great little road. These are so fun compared to the big highways. Almost no traffic, no litter or graffiti, lined with fuchsia flowers and great views.

 2014-08-27 12.40.24

This 1933 Magnat Debon come up from France for the rally.

 2014-08-27 12.40.48

Triumph Speed Twin and Ariel Red Hunter. Each received styling from Ed Turner in the 1930s.

2014-08-27 15.46.03

This 1930 Brough SS80 looked great and did the tour without any issues.

 2014-08-27 15.47.37

Another SS80.  There were three of this model, plus a 680 this year.

 2014-08-28 13.43.31


On the Ring of Beara, near the old copper mine.

 2014-08-27 15.47.04

Norton Manx and Brough SS80


The Robinson family at the top of Goat’s Path, overlooking Dunmanus Bay.

 2014-08-27 17.34.31

 2014-08-28 09.16.20


 2014-08-28 09.38.03

Ariel Square Four in a Norton frame

 2014-08-28 13.37.23

 2014-08-28 14.53.02

Viv and Sally at one of the beverage stops.

 2014-08-26 14.43.50

 2014-08-26 15.38.55

 2014-08-26 15.39.15

 2014-08-26 15.40.11

Bobby is being welcomed into the KOBI, and therefore has to wear the necklace for a year.  It does weigh quite a bit, with lots of little metal trinkets from past inductees. He’s happy here, but was less happy the next day when the big end gave up in his 1937 BSA Empire Star.

 2014-08-26 15.53.06


to be continued…

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  1. Doug Lyon permalink
    September 13, 2014 11:59 pm

    Wonderful photos as ever – looks like you had a really great time!

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