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New Motorcycle Magazine, The Machine Files

March 30, 2014

Many readers will already be familiar with Matt Machine’s work at  He has been building bikes in Australia for some time, producing high quality work with a lot less fanfare than the ‘famous’ guys. If you aren’t aware of him, you’ll recognize the type: an architecture background, a better-than-average eye, attention to design details, and fabrication skills sufficient for his own high standards.


He has recently been turning his attention toward publication and today marks the debut of his magazine Machine at While the first issue doesn’t feature a 100 year old bike, I think it is worthy of mention here at Occhio Lungo.


His approach is noteworthy. 100+ professional photos showing details of one individual machine. Spread across 70+ pages, with commentary on the bike model, history, design and engineering details. Obviously this is different than the typical 3-5 pages that are devoted to any one bike in the traditional magazines, and the additional space devoted really opens up the viewer’s eyes. While most things on the internet today are moving to be tiny bites of information (140 characters of writing on Twitter, or a single cellphone image on Instagram), this magazine goes deep and shows so much more.


These images are from the web-based full screen viewer that allows the reader to flip pages and to zoom in to see small details. A print version is in the works, stay tuned to his website for details.





 matt 2


I’ve been pressing Matt for a few months on my desire for him to feature something primitive and ancient, but we’ll have to wait a few issues. Smile 


More info is also on the Machine Facebook page here.


Take a look, and try to support a guy who is supporting our old bike hobby. I have no idea if this is the future of motorcycle publications, but I like what I see and applaud the effort.

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  1. March 30, 2014 9:16 pm

    thanks so much again pete….you have always been so encouraging of my work and that means so much to me. we have always had in common the thirst for more information, you have been doing your bit for years and years,…hopefully now its my turn…. and yes, i guarantee there will be a 100 year old bike within the first year of The Machine Files.

    thanks again pete….lets ride soon.

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