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Go Faster 1914 Triumph for sale

March 24, 2014
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We don’t normally feature the commercial aspects of the old bike hobby, preferring to show machines in use on the road or being fixed in the shop. But the overall goal of the Occhio Lungo site is to spread enthusiasm for early machines and try to get more folks riding them.  With that in mind, we are happy to show Paul’s fine 1914 Triumph that is for sale.  It has been ridden, tuned, adjusted, etc. and is ready for a new owner.  His reason for selling is that he’s now buying the actual 1911 Triumph that his grandfather used to ride! 


If you’ve thought about getting a 100 year old machine, a Triumph is a great bike.  They made a lot of them, and spare parts are much more available than for other marques. And the the motors were among the very best that were made pre WWI, with many other brands copying the design.


More info here: 

You can email him here:

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