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Jerry Cordy pre 1916 tours, part 2.

January 20, 2014

McCloud and Ekins

More photos from Jerry Cordy!  We’ll start with a great one.  Bud Ekins riding his Cyclone race bike on the street, Bob McCloud push starting.   



Jerry hosted several tours in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, here’s a flyer for the 1989 edition. 

  Doug Eastwood

Here’s Doug Eastwood on his Indian twin.



Jerry also included photos from some other rides.  This one is from Corning, and others are from Volcano.


dave bettencort

Dave Bettencort.  He rode his ‘15 HD on the first Cannonball and did very well.  If you scroll through the various old articles on Occhio Lungo you can also spot him at some of the Bud Ekins Memorial Tours in Atascadero.


Bill Stoures

Bill Stoures on a great Pope twin.  Rear suspension and OHV. 



There are a lot of names on the list.  67 participants at that tour.  And names that are now famous in our hobby like Wes Allen, Bud Catlett, Roy Burke, Lysle Parker, Shorty Tompkins, Norm Gerlich, Marshall Mathews, Max Bubeck, etc.  The list just keeps going.


Bill Brownell Pete Peterson

Pete Peterson (center) and Bill Brownell (right).  Pete is a very fine rider.  A fast old fart on his Triumph twins these days.  I had the pleasure to come across him and his buddies for the first time on an Oregon ride a dozen years ago.  We made it down to one of the beaches, and he and the boys really tore it up.  It was like watching On any Sunday.  Spinning and doing brodies in the sand.  Eventually one of them highsided and flew off his bike and ate some sandy salt water!  They were not spring chickens at that point, all retired and probably in their late 60’s.  Brownell owned a dealership in Chico, CA back before I was born and a lot of the guys still like to run his dealer license plate frames.



Cordy cast these belt buckles in brass for the riders of the Spring 89 Tour.


Gerlich and Dayton

That’s Norm Gerlich and a Dayton.  When I was in college in Seattle, Norm opened a pre16 motorcycle shop inside a a beautiful old Packard dealership.  Walking in there was like stepping through the Pearly Gates!  My pockets were empty but I could dream…  But my friends and I were way too busy cutting up 1970’s Hondas to make our versions of café racer bikes.  They were about $200 each in the Little Nickel classified adverts and we did what we could afford.  Just like today’s builders.


coffee stop


Jeff Sierck and Stu Laidlaw

Stu Laidlaw and Jeff Sierck on his white Thor 7.  Sierk and the Crawfords used to host a fun springtime ride in Plymouth CA, but it only lasted a few years.  Beautiful roads and scenery around there.  And always a good bbq at the finish of the ride.  We now do the Girder Fork Ride on some of the same roads.

   Jerry Cordy and Bud Catlett in white helmet

Jerry Cordy and Bud Catlett in the white helmet.  Outside the general store in Volano, CA.

   Jerry Cordy and honey

Jerry and his honey.


John Eagles and friend

Johnny Eagles and friend with a big Pierce single.  In the background is a Sears twin, Indian and Tom Holthaus and Buster Naylor.

   John Eagles Me and Vahan Bandoian

John Eagles, Cordy and Vahan Bandoian on Main St in Volcano.


Lysle Parker and Dorothy

Lysle and Dorothy Parker

   Marshall Matthews

Marshal Matthews tending to his Harley twin.  Marshall was present on a lot of the early bike and early car tours until he died from ALS.  He knew a lot of people and knew a lot about the machines.  In his memory the Plaid Run is held each spring to raise money for victims of ALS.  The variety of people and machines on that one day run has to be seen to be believed.


Shorty Thompkins sits on the bike while Matthews fixes something.  It is a good pic of Evan Matthews in the sidecar.  Evan grew up riding on old bikes and in old cars.  When I met him he was about 20 years old and was driving the family 1906 Buick 2 cylinder car with his mom and sister passengers on an Alturas tour.  He’s grown up to be a good man, and his father would be proud.


Max Bubeck

That’s Max Bubeck on an Indian of course.  Max was a legend, and was glad to tell us all about it!  Smile  He hosted the Death Valley ride for years, where he would tell us all about winning the Greenhorn Enduro on an Indian 4.  A small guy with a big heart.



that’s a nice looking Merkel.


Pete Gagan

Pete Gagan.  I think this is the Borrego Springs ride from a few years ago.  Pete has been President of the AMCA and hosts a web show about his old bikes.  It is called Pete’s Garage and is on youtube here.


Pete Peterson Vahan Dinahanian Roy Burke

Pete Peterson, Vahan Dinahanian and Roy Burke.  Roy was another institution in the Oregon old bike world.  He built a series of Indians with OHV heads that he constructed himself.  He passed away a few years ago, but those Indians still get ridden by his old friends. 


One of Roy’s bikes that I snapped on a ride a few years ago.  He made the head in his home workshop, and the frame, fitted a Honda front suspension, British gearbox, etc.


Red and Kay Cadwell

Red and Kay Cadwell


Steve Wright

Steve Wright on the right.


Volcano tour

Main St in Volano, CA

Volcano tour2



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  1. Rich Ostrander permalink
    January 29, 2014 8:27 am

    Pete, Bob McCloud passed away last week. He had a great influnce on me from when I first started going to meets like La Mirada back when it started in the early 70’s. He would always drag us young chopper riders over to his El Camino to show us some old crusty knucklehead parts which we would eagerly scoop up. I remember when a Cyclone, an Ivers Johnson, and Haverson was dragged out of his barn in Tracy just to name a few a long, long ago. I miss all those old guys that put up with us young men back then. They taught us so much and they remembered what it was like to be like us, young as we were, and how much they dug riding their motors back then. Now we are them and passing it on. The wheel goes round and round.

    • January 29, 2014 1:22 pm

      That’s right Rich, and so many guys are now glad to hear you tell them your stories and pass on your knowledge. Thanks again for keeping the love of early machines alive.

      I’m sorry to hear about Bob’s passing. Please pass my condolences on to his family when you see them.

    • Marc permalink
      January 29, 2014 2:54 pm

      RIP Bob

  2. Rich Ostrander permalink
    January 30, 2014 9:21 am

    Pete, I have to add this for color. I’ve know Norm for some thirty years. When his shop was in full swingI woulds visit him when on business I was at Washington U. for seminars for a week in duration once a year for several years. That shop was like it would have been in the mid-teens. what a great buildinf full of great machines. After he shut the doors in the evening he and I would journey down the street to a great Irish pub. Whew, was it hard getting to the university in the morning. Good times though. Cheers, Rich

    • January 30, 2014 9:43 am

      When I was a student at UW, my apartment was just a few hundred yards from Norm’s shop. You and I probably walked past each other a few times back then!

  3. Gary Breylinger permalink
    January 30, 2014 10:09 am

    Thanks for bringing all of these great friends and wonderful rides back! A local young pal here in NW Montana has my old ’13 Indian and Power Plus so I can pat them any time. Am still riding on local runs on the Honda Helix. Thank heavens for electric starters!

  4. Rich Ostrander permalink
    January 30, 2014 4:21 pm

    Pete, I loved those ethnic eateries, beer gardens, and book stores just north of the campus. Lot’s of history and cool old buildings on campus too. Gary, Long time no see. I now have an electric leg on my 1940 EL to go with my 1967 electric leg FLH. Kick is optional on both. I spent a long time camo’ ing it so it looks fairly stock. I’m no hero any more either. Let them youngsters kick them. I still want to ride old bikes no matter what. I hope all is well with you Gary. Rich

    • Gary Breylinger permalink
      January 30, 2014 5:14 pm

      Hey Rich, Great to hear from you! You have always done so much for the Club with meets and all those great articles you have written. Thanks! Gary

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