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a bit more from the Velo rally

August 10, 2012


Velo Fellows and ladies too.



A sleeping AJS



Kim and 9 y.o. daughter on the 1930KSS, riding near Mormon Lake.  9 year olds are big.



An empty bar on Hwy 89, a half hour north of Flagstaff.  The two regulars spoke a tongue that I couldn’t decipher, maybe Navajo?  They had multiple flavors of salt licks for the barnyard animals in the adjoining store.  And two colors of sheep marking fluid, whatever that is.


P1000360 Eric Hassel built this red Venom from a basketcase project in 7 months with his dad.  He tested it for 100 miles, then brought it to the rally and rode 5 days, 1000 miles on the bike.  Congrats Eric!


P1000395 Nackard next door to the brewpub on the wrong side of the tracks in Flagstaff.   PS, If you’re ever in Flagstaff, the best espresso is around the corner at the funky old coffee shop called Macy’s






The infamous GTP of Jeff and Lanora.  No speeding tickets this year.



A nice ES2 and a custom Velo in the background.





Dead animals haunt the lodge at Mormon Lake.



The bikes at night glow yellow from the sodium lamps.



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  1. August 10, 2012 11:50 pm

    sheep marking fluids so you know which ones have been tupped.
    But back OT, that GTP’s a new one on me, i’ve not researched it yet but it’s a ‘stink wheel’ isn’t it.

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