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Serpolette’s Tricycle

May 9, 2012

To my delight, a new magazine arrived in the inbox this morning.  Written and published by our friend Leon Mitchell, Serpolette’s Tricycle is an electronic magazine published in PDF format.    Click the link here to visit his new website  and download a copy.  It can be copied and emailed to your friends or printed and read.


The magazine is 18 pages filled with photos, stories, questions and answers about early cars, motorcycles, three wheelers and motors in Australia, New Zealand etc. from the 1890’s onward to WWI.  If you enjoy reading OcchioLungo, there will be some stuff in S.T. that will definitely grab your attention.


And if you were wondering about the title of the magazine, you can learn more here.Serpolette's Tricycle cover

mlle serpolette

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