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2012 Pioneer Run part II

March 26, 2012

More photos from Keith Marshall


A long early Henderson.102_5135


What a beauty!  Early Husqvarna with a Moto-Reve OHV motor. 102_5125



A Zenith Gradua, with a single cylinder motor.  Turning the lever on the top of that vertical rod engages some gears that move the rear wheel to (or away from) the motor, while also changing the diameter of the drive pulley.  It was an ingenious invention to get variable gearing without stopping to change the pulley and fit a longer or shorter belt.  It worked well, allowing Zenith bikes to win a lot of races against fixed geared bikes.  They were subsequently barred from some competitions, and Zenith famously used the logo “Zenith Barred” in their advertising.



A nice little Kerry ladies model, with updraft carb and AIV.  Note the guards around the rear wheel to keep a ladies’ skirt from being caught in the wheel.  The rear stand pivots upwards to become part of the rear package carrier.102_5134


This Rex is one of my favorites.102_5142

An early example of front suspension.  Not strictly a ‘telescoping’ front end, but more of a ‘pillar’ type as used on rear suspensions circa 1940s.


A later Rex, with a big V twin motor.  Without pedal gear, it looks like a close-coupled frame.  And I think that’s a two speed ROC rear hub.  Rex made very fine machines.



A Rudge Multi.  Similar to the Zenith, the Rudge used a lever to separate the front pulley, thus making the gearing ratio higher or lower.  And to keep the belt tension constant, the lever and linkage continued to the rear wheel and moved that pulley in or out too.  Very fun to ride, you just slide the lever forward (mine had 22 positions) and the motor doesn’t really change speed, but the bike accelerates to a higher speed.




1900 Rochet from France.   From the De Dion Bouton pattern.102_5176


The motor hung off the back end, and to one side.  This one has a water cooled head, a spray carb and AIV.102_5178


Another DDB, this one is slightly older.  The numbers of the bikes (this is #7) are given in order by the age of the bike.  This one has air cooling, not water cooling on the head.102_5183


A Humber Tricar.  Not the fans to cool the motor, as it doesn’t get much airflow due to the chair.102_5073


This was in the parking lot.  A later bike that came to the event to watch.  An interesting setup, and I saw that the rear wheel is off the ground.


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  1. March 28, 2012 2:09 am

    Great pics of the mechanics

    I didn’t get to the finish but managed a few photos of the bikes being ridden en route

    This year is the 90th annversary of the first Austin 7 car and April 1st will see over 300 Austins following a similar (but not the same) route to Brighton


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