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Goodwood Revival

September 23, 2011


The Le Mans start to the motorcycle race.  The bikes are running on the right side of the track, while the pilots line up on the left side, waiting for the flag to drop.  They are serious, yet there are a few who play grabass and pull each others arms while they wait for the starter.  The mechanics blip the throttles to keep the motors running, as the big GP racing carbs do not have idle circuits.  When the flag eventually drops, the guys run as best they can in leathers and boots, hop on the bikes and try not crash as they filter to the first corner in a flash of noise and hoopla.



It is quiet inside the Wall of Death tent before the riders enter.  Note the Jolly Roger welcome mat!




BSA M20 or M21, the typical service bike of the AA in England.  The sidecar is filled with tools, etc.IMG_9573


Here is something that hasn’t changed in 100 years.  Brooks Saddles, as used on push bikes and motorbicycles since Victorian times.  This link shows how they fabricate the saddles, an excellent video if you have a few minutes and like to see things being made.IMG_9622


An early T speedster during the parade lap on the track.IMG_9642


He drew this Rolls during the weekend while people watched.  A 1910 model Silver Ghost.IMG_9706


Wall of Death.  Sorry, my camera had trouble getting the pic and staying in focus.  But the fuzzy look does convey some of the feeling of the WoD.  A pretty girl, an old Indian motorcycle, loud pipes, fast riding and a bit of danger.



wall of death, no hands
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