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2011 Velocette Rally, continued

July 14, 2011

At the Oneonta Gorge tunnel, on old Hwy 30.  Kim and Atticus.  1930 Velocette KSS and 38 MSS with sidecar.DSC00221


Background info:   The Velocette Club of North America has held an annual rally every July, with 5 days of riding around 1000 miles for the last 25 years or so.  It is in a different US state each year, sometimes in one of the western provinces of Canada.  Over the years, we’ve toured WA, OR, ID, Montana, CA, Colorado, Utah, B.C., Alberta, etc.  The 2011 rally is in The Dalles, Oregon, in the Columbia River Gorge.  Next year the rally will be in Northern Arizona.

I was born and raised on the Columbia, a few hours upstream of The Dalles, and have always wanted to spend 5 days riding around the area.  There are so many sights to see:  Multnomah Falls, kite surfers in Hood River, several dams, The Vista House above the river, Mt Hood, Mt St. Helens, the Lewis and Clark Trail, Maryhill Museum and Stonehenge replica, etc.  With all that in mind, two years ago I nominated John Stanley to be the new club President, with the understanding that he could use his local knowledge to organize a stellar ride for the club.  And he hit a home run.  We’ve travelled through the area, seen many great sights and ridden great backroads with twisties and views galore.  75 bikes came on the rally.  About half are old Velos, the others include several Vincents, some Triumph and BSA twins, and a old few friends on modern stuff.

The Occhiolungo family gets to ride in many rides/rallies/tours each year, ranging from one hour to 17 days in length.  But the Velo rally is always near the top of the list of our favoritesHere are more photos that show some of the fun:

Multnomah Falls  620 foot drop



View from the Vista House.   Cloudy today.



John’s roadside repair to his fishtail.  Safety wire to the rescue!



Rubber gloves and a syringe filled with 50wt.  This won’t hurt a bit.



Knobby tires and no mudguards.  This Venom was a handful on the twisty pavement Monday.IMG_8883

But the hotrod MAC was perfect on Tuesday!IMG_8885


The Motor Co


Mt Hood



Peacocks and peahens at the Maryhill Museum.  No tail feathers Sad smileDSC00065

Kelly Cords


A nice MSS in dove greyDSC00200


Jeff W’s camping site, just below The Dalles dam.


an old 4-4-0 passing through town in 1898



Paul and John riding near Sherar’s Bridge and Falls.  Lots of white water and fishing platforms.


An old photo of the area, plus a description.  Photos from the lobby of a building in downtown The Dalles.





The mile of the beast.  (in the rain)


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