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Jarama 2011

May 20, 2011

My friend Manuel from Cometa Restaurations in Madrid, Spain sent these photos from the Classic Moto event on the Jarama circuit.  It looks like a lot of fun, with a great selection of old bikes in the paddock and on the track, coming from Spain, Portugal, France, Holland and Italy. 


As Manuel writes, “it is a weekend of friends and motorcycles”


Team Cometa took several bikes: 

1920 Harley racer 1200c.c. , 1928 New Henley super sport 350c.c.JAP engine , 1955 Panther 600c.c. , 1933 Standard 350 ohc , 1927  BMW R47  500c.c. ohv 1939  Ariel square four 1000c.c.  1938 Moto Guzzi condor 500c.c., 1931 Rudge TT 350c.c  total radial head , 1928  Norton CS1.  1933 Harley 500 single, 1918 Indian Powerplus 1000c.c., 1922 Soyer 250  two stroke


The Harley racer made it to 140kph on the straight


New Henley



Standard 350 OHC


not something you see every day:  a Panther on a race track!


1927 R47






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  1. November 3, 2014 6:27 am

    Just wondering if you had any more photos or a contact email of the owner of the New Henley as I have what I believe is a New Henley Restoration project. Any photos would help me out as I have a large job ahead of me.

    Thanks for any help. 🙂


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