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2011 Bud Ekins Memorial Tour, Atascadero, CA part 2

May 11, 2011

Friday’s route took us west of Paso Robles through the marvelous Peachy Canyon:  twisty, tree-lined one lane roads through the old orchards and wineries, up and down the hills.    Out there, things are still green and vibrant either due to the proximity to the coastal breezes or from the irrigation.   Spanish moss clung to the branches and morning dew was still on the road in some places.  But as we turned inland toward our lunch stop at Mission San Miguel, everything dried out to a dull brown, and the temperature climbed up toward 90+. 


Saturday we went East, then South.  Starting with a coffee stop at the Loading Chute in Creston, then across one of the best roads anywhere: Hwy 229.  It is a one lane road, with tight twists and turns up and down some gently hills, with no traffic and fresh new pavement.  Everybody had a fun time there, and wished that the road was twice as long.

Coffee stop #1, Loading Chute.    Bikes from top to bottom are Jim’s Ex/Henderson 4, Victor’s ‘14 HD one speed chain drive, Steve’s ‘15 Excelsior, Mike’s Crocker, John’s hotrod Indian, Urban’s Crocker


Coffee stop #2 in Santa Margarita


More photos of Urban’s small tank Crocker.  Formerly owned by J. Hansen, Ernie Skelton, and Otis Chandler.  This one isn’t 100% standard, Ernie did work on several items such as the handlebars, taillight and other stuff.  Urban thought about restoring it with Steve Huntzinger, but has decided to leave it as Ernie built it.  Click here to see Steve’s last Crocker restoration…



Readers of OL might recall Ernie Skelton’s name from earlier articles by Dr. Sprocket.




Mike’s bike for comparison.  It sure is great to go on a 3 day run and see two great Crockers, in addition to all the other neat bikes, all being ridden through the gravel and the water crossings on the road.


A sign outside the Pozo Saloon, made by the Clampers Some of it might be true, or it might all be a complete fabrication…


A Sears, with the Spacke motor.


check out the nice shape of the fins on the cylinders


There is a lot going on inside that motor.  See the lower image for some details on the construction, with master and slave connecting rods, face cams, worm gearing to the magneto, enclosed valves,  etc.





The Naylor Bros. brought these two belt drive beauties.  1911 Excelsior belt drive twin, 50ci motor and 4hp Yale belt drive single.




3 Comments leave one →
  1. May 14, 2011 3:39 pm

    I read Ernie Skelton on the Crocker case, a name we do know. I still wonder tough, J. Hansen who was he?

    Hansen is pretty Norwegian, most Norwegians named Hansen in the US became Hanson in a generation but not this one?


    • May 15, 2011 9:00 am

      I asked Urban about J Hansen last week, he didn’t know who it was. Maybe the very first owner of the bike?

  2. November 17, 2012 9:31 pm

    That Crocker has some riding position for such a fast bike. Great pictures. Can’t get enough. Thanks a lot, Paul V

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