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Hill Climbers & Oddities at the Wheels Through Time museum

December 13, 2010

In addition to the nifty bikes and cars on display at the Wheels Through Time Museum, there are some odd contraptions too.  This is a reciprocating ice saw, powered by a 1915 HD motorcycle.  The large straight saw blade slices forward and back.  Think of it as a piston…  (ignore the round blade on the wall, that is a different display).  The motor & gearbox spins a big rear wheel sprocket, but there is no rear wheel attached to it.  Instead that rear axle works as a crankshaft.  The crank is shown pointing downwards in the photo.  Attached to it is a long connecting rod, slanting upwards about three feet to the back end of the saw blade.  The blade runs to and fro on some linear supports which go all the way back to the rear axle.  And the whole setup is mounted on what looks like an old frame rail from a pre WWII car.  A motorcycle rear wheel and a a wheel from a cart allow the user to move the car frame and thus the whole apparatus into position over the ice.  Keep the children and the dogs out of the way when running this thing!     click the pic for a larger photo.


A little airplane, powered by an early V twin motor.  IOE type inlet valves can just be seen.


Hillclimber exhibit









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  1. Lee Samuelson permalink
    December 13, 2010 10:42 pm

    The correct descriptive escapes me, “Buck Saw?”. More likely Drag Saw. P.S. yah I think this is right word.
    Used for cutting trees into lengths in the bush or woodyard.
    Many had a 2-stroke engine. Some were hopper cooled.
    Could be for cutting ice, though the correct manual technique for that was pretty much up-and-down.
    Yah, seen pictures of that too. Was an ice saw hanging somewhere in the pumphouse.

    Interesting snow machine. Many pictures of home-mades in the Reynolds-Alberta archives. Did photo re-registration and interpretation for a spell.
    The Nicholson Brothers of (Western) Canadian motorcycle fame were “drafted” into the Canadian Army, WWII, to teach MC mechanics. Bernie -the book writer- told me of powered snow vehicles the army had for testing. Bombardier, Ski-Doo to the world, had the biggest presence here for years. The early Bombardiers that I remember had a flathead V-8 in front, 2 skis and 2 tracks. Cabin could hold up to 8. Winter bus: came past the parsonage usually once a week and came back in the evening so shopping could get done. The roads were up to 6′ under snow.

    There must have been kits/plans for V-twin powered DIY aircraft. Registered a photo, possibly post war of what looked like a Harley powered plane – taken in downtown Edmonton.
    Stan Reynolds had/has a Heath(conversion)Henderson 4. Finned valve covers and a thrust bearing.
    Me go now.

  2. December 15, 2010 11:37 am

    crazy stuff

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