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Cannonball Stage 7

September 16, 2010

We’ve made it halfway.  Well, almost halfway.  Into Hot Springs Arkansas today, greeted by a thousand cheering locals, many who came via old bikes or cars.  The Premier did the ~200 miles without issue, and I’m looking forward to our only day off tomorrow.


Crossing the Mississippi



Bean’re.   Yes, his hat used to be a rattlesnake



Jeff Decker


Sean BraytonDSC08945

Mike Vils


The official pace car


Vince Martinico


a 2×4 holding up an Indian.  Yes, the bike fell down about 5 minutes after the photo.  No major damage.


Dale Walksler’s bike.  The additional gas tank kinda looks just right


Katrin and Dieter from Germany.  They kick ass.  Riding single speed bikes with no clutches, they have made almost every single mile on the Cannonball.  My heroes.


stuff in the parking lot in Hot Springs:








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  1. September 16, 2010 10:49 pm

    Hi Pete
    Thanks a lot for sharing daily your Pioneer adventure, I read them from my seat every day.
    You’ve done half way, now the road is slightly sloping to the pier !!

  2. Woody permalink
    September 17, 2010 6:22 am

    Thanks for your pics. they always show lots of detail that others post. It is a joy watching from here, cannot imagine how great it would be out there in the saddle. You also have shown some of the ones that do not get photographed much by the others. Thanks again, Have a great trip, Woody

  3. Jim Abbott permalink
    September 17, 2010 9:03 am

    Hello Pete:
    I see Jeff Decker solved your rotating pedal problem by removing the pedals. Good thinking. I remember crossing the Mississippi going the other direction when hitch hiking from Santa Monica to New York. I felt the same way… half way there. Thanks for your comments and snaps, they’re great! Jim A. see you all in Victorville.

  4. Jim Abbott permalink
    September 17, 2010 9:14 am

    p.s. Congrats on jumping another two spots to #30! You go bro!!
    Jim A.

    • Pete Young permalink*
      September 17, 2010 7:30 pm

      thanks for the emails Jim. being #30 at something is just like being the 29th loser. 😉 But I’m really not paying attention to the competition part of the rally. Trophies are nice, but I’d much rather have a good beer, or maybe a steak. I’m just riding along, doing my thing.

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