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Cannonball: Militaire vs Mucechoppers

September 9, 2010

On the interwebs last month I saw photos of the Mucechoppers bike “Simpson”.  (one link is in Hungarian…)   Cool custom, with a lot of nice work.  It looked to me like he was referencing a 19teens Militaire…  Similar gap in front of the seat, shifter location, wooden wheels, similar but different goofy front suspension, etc.  Today in Kitty Hawk, the builder (sorry I can’t write it in Hungarian, or the umlauts either) brought his bike to the start of the Cannonball, and there was Jim’s 1915 Militaire across the parking lot…   So, here are some photos, you draw your own conclusions. 

PS, I want to applaud the Mucechoppers team, they did a great job.  And referencing a bike such as a Militaire wins them bonus points in my book.

Jim Dennie’s 1915 Militaire



are they training wheels or landing gear?

IMG_4736  IMG_4737 

Leaf springs.  hub center steering.  the front 2/3rds  of all that stuff moves up and down with the road bumps, including the handlebars.


Mucechoppers “Simpson”


the pilot’s view



louvered taillight coverIMG_4802

drip tray under the carb is a bit of exhaust piping.  Speedo is below.


gas tank capIMG_4805

lots of machined concentric circles.  molded in taillight.  hidden brake.


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  1. brian b permalink
    September 10, 2010 11:49 am

    There was a write up on the engine build at the AMCA forum
    nice school project.


  1. 2013 Del Mar show | Occhio Lungo

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