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Palo Alto show part 1

July 27, 2010




I spotted this electric bike at the show in Palo Alto on Sunday.  The show is put on by MOAH, the Museum of American Heritage.


This bike had novel construction throughout, with 4 bar linkage on the front suspension, tube chassis, and some type of front fairing.  Check out all the mounting holes the builder put into the frame where the four bar links attach.  By varying which mounting hole is used, the 4 bar will progress through different paths in space, altering the trajection of the front axle.


The rear axle is also hung on a 4 bar.  The spring/shock can positioned in a large number of positions to alter its damping properties.   If those holes for the upper mount were joined together into a long curved slot, it would look like the rear of a Velocette frame.  The technical name is an arcuate slot, and Veloce used it to provide the first adjustable rear suspension on a motor bike.

1968 Velocette Thruxton

Pic from Motorcycle Classics









Jumping from a brand new bike back to really old cars–  Here are a few pics.


T speedster.IMG_1096






1936 Ford 3 window coupeIMG_1088

T speedster


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