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How To: Veloce sweater

July 10, 2010

This How To article is a bit different than previous articles, as it uses no lathe, mill, welder or grinder…


IMG_4160 I’ve always wanted a nice sweater to wear while riding.  There are a few places out there selling old style clothes, but they don’t do one-of-a-kind orders.  After some time, I was able to convince my wife to make me one.  A trip to Britex Fabrics on Union Square to buy a pattern and some nice green Italian wool.  Then some black felt from Cliffs, and we were started.



IMG_4157 IMG_4159


Ivan Rhodes’ 1913 Model A, one of the early Velocette line of bikes. Not many folks realize that the company was named Veloce, while the bikes they sold were called Velocette.  There is an interesting story behind that, but I’ll save it for a later article.  Photo by PdO.


A closeup of the petrol tank lettering.  I love this old font.  It reminds me of a spaghetti western.  Photo by PdO.



Some work with the printer, then old style cutting and pasting.  (not shown, hours and hours of sewing machine work on the green wool).IMG_4153


Ready for a ride.


Big thanks to the wife!

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  1. April 19, 2013 9:23 am

    Pete, is Kim taking orders?

    • April 19, 2013 9:33 am

      ha! I don’t think she will. Those two that she made took a lot of effort. But there are a few shops now who are selling nice sweaters, with or without patches and lettering…

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