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2010 Alturas rally, Part 2

July 2, 2010

On Thursday, we rode out to Surprise Valley.  A stop in Cedarville for coffee and turnovers, then on to Fort Bidwell for lunch and pies!  Some of the cars couldn’t make it over the 6305 foot pass, so they came into Cedarville on the trucks and unloaded.  The single speed, single cylinder motorcycles also couldn’t make it over, but the two cylinder bikes did, and my 3 speed Premier made it, but only just barely.

The garage in downtown Cedarville, pop 200.


At the Cedarville Grocery. Wes Allen, Fred and Janice Enstrom, RickMcMaken, Mike Turold, Mike Giddens, Chris Carter, Charlie Stewart


Rick’s 1914 Triumph.   One speed, but with a clutch in the rear hub, aka Free Engine.  Triumph made this hub and its complicated linkage, until their 3 speed model H was introduced in 1915.  The model H was used for many dispatch riders (DRs) in WWI, and earned the name “the Trusty Triumph”.  Also, check out the Triumph double barrel carb, and novel approach to front fork springing.  The carb works well, but the forks just move front-to-back, changing the wheelbase length instead of absorbing road bumps.


Beautiful details on this old acetylene light.



1906 White Model F steamer.  The black powder gun is a modern repop on a 150 year old design.  They plinked at a few cans during a stop in the high desert.


Motor in the White.  Lots of valves and tubing.  White motors re-use their water to increase the driving range, hence the “radiator” and fan to condense the steam back into useable H20.


President Taft had a White Steamer as well as a Pierce Arrow.  Here is the PA, from Library of Congress. Prints and Photographs Division. #LC-DIG-ggbain-03213.   Click this link to see his White, shown in an earlier OcchioLungo article.


Three 1914 Excelsior twins.


The initials LM carved into the tank have been there a long time.

IMG_3936 IMG_3937

John and his father Aldo brought their 1907 Maxwell again this year.

IMG_3945 IMG_3947

Buick, Holsman, HD, Pope, Excelsior


1913 Excelsior.  Belt drive single cylinder.  Owned for 20+ years, with all original parts.  Eclipse clutch on the crankshaft.  Bosch ZE1 mag, Schebler carb.  X’s own seat with three springs.


Corbin V-band rear brake.  Works surprising well, the owner says it is probably the original brake material.  Note the skip tooth chain and sprocket on the other side.  The frame unbolts just ahead of the hub to allow the one piece belt to be removed/installed.



Rider’s view of the X single.IMG_3953

Rider’s view of the Pope.


1914 HD twin.

IMG_3955 IMG_0980 IMG_0981

Jim and Marie.


Hey, where’s the inlet pushrod?  😉



The Elk’s Club, location of our suppers.


Pierce Arrow.

IMG_4002 IMG_4000

1932 Ford, all original.

IMG_0963 IMG_0962

At the ranch, where Rodney’s grandfather homesteaded 100+ years ago.


I would have shown photos of the flavorful pies we were served at every meal, but they went too fast!

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