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“Only proficient engineers really deserve to own and maintain a Velocette” –Classic Bike Guide magazine

April 27, 2010


Let me know if you want to see all 28 pages of this how-to book posted into this webpage, or I can send you jpegs of each page for your reference.  It is a good little book for riders/mechanics (engineers!) of the early OHC Velocette motorbikes.  Or you can just ogle the cool graphics; could be some ideas for new T shirt artwork in there…

Thanks to Dai Gibbison for sourcing the CBG quote above.


Repair Notes on Velocette Engines by A. E. Field, circa 1931.

 velo227 31velo

velo228 velo229


velo233 velo235

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  1. richard stone permalink
    March 5, 2015 2:25 pm

    Hello, I’d like to get a copy of “A.E.Field – Repair notes on Velocette engines” by email or something. Could you help please? I have a 1929 Kn and am needing to do some work on it and would value such a publication.
    Many thanks
    Richard Stone

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