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Langlitz Leathers

April 16, 2010

IMG_3199 After a delay of several years, I finally made the trip up to Portland, Oregon to visit Langlitz Leathers and get fitted for a set of leather riding jodhpurs.  If you don’t already know about their work, then visit their website for the whole story:  Making some of the best riding gear in the world since 1947.


John the production manager was super cool, and went through all the various options on the design of the pants before taking my measurements.  Mine won’t be made skin tight, but many of his other customers don’t ride, and use their leathers for what is termed “uniform wear”.  hmm.   That would refer to things like the Folsom Street Fair… 


While their new style Black Dog riding coat in polished horsehair was super cool, I’d need to save up A LOT of pennies before I could bring it home.  So now I’ve started saving pennies while I wait for my jodhpurs!


IMG_3188Ross Langlitz was a Velocette man. Here are some pics of him and his two KSS bikes.  They are from 1947 and 1948, the mkII versions of the 350cc OHC bike from Hall Green.  (Kim’s bike is the earlier mkI 1930 model). 


These three b&w pics copyrighted by Langlitz Leathers.

With those cow horn ‘bars, there is no mistaking that this bike was ridden in the western USA, not scratching around tight corners on the Isle of Man.


Lots of details in this photo.  Badges, guns, HD’s with extra lights, little mustaches and those cool aviator specs.  Check out the 2” wide belt/holster on the left guy, complete with extra ammo and keys.


Chopping leather and an old sewing machine.  I wish that I could capture the smell of the leather in these photos.  The whole shop smelled great.

IMG_3196 IMG_3197

 IMG_3184 IMG_3187

Penny Farthing above one of the racks of standard coats.  There are several hundred coats in stock all the time.  Some new, some used.


Norton Manx, with a big down draught carby, magnesium crankcases, etc.


Ross Langlitz’s 1948 Velocette KSS.  Lots of customized touches on this bike, including extra chrome on the oil tank, toolbox, etc.  Short rear fender, small headlight, big seat, tube silencer (instead of the beautiful fishtail), and a bash plate made of diamond plate steel under the motor.  It is now used a display/advertising piece, and occasionally to hold gloves, hangers and coats from the footpegs and shifter.  🙂


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  1. April 16, 2010 5:50 pm

    Cool post. Jodhpurs, eh? Very stylish.

    The hanging bikes are cool, but I can’t help feeling a little sad that they’re not on the ground, at least apparently ready for a ride on a nice Spring day.

    • Pete Young permalink*
      April 16, 2010 7:37 pm

      Yeah, definitely. I’ve always said: Collecting bikes makes as much sense as collecting sandwiches. (you don’t see many folks hanging sandwiches on the wall, do ya?). Ride ’em and/or eat ’em, like their makers intended.

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